Find out what women really want by hiring an escort

By dating an escort

Most men have problems landing a date with the woman they fancy the most. This is because women are more complicated in their choices than men. Having a date with an escort can show you the difference in women and also equip you with the wooing skills that enable you to approach women more easily.

The London escort agency have girls with a wide variety of tastes and liking  look at here . These ladies are available for every kind of date which you may desire. It could only just be a dinner date for a hearty conversation. They charge according to the hour of the time that they will spend with you. These ladies are charming and entertaining too. They have good communications skills and also a large amount of experience in dealing with people in intimate social situations.

If you are feeling a bit down on your dating, London escorts will help you regain your confidence.

By asking an escort in London

Talking to an escort about which particular type of clients she liked best can be an eye opener. Everybody likes people with a positive and hopeful attitude to life. No one likes people who like to whine about everything and be over critical about the little things in life. A little humour goes a long way in ensuring smooth social interactions in case of any embarrassing incidents.

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Women like intelligent conversation and like to listen too. They are great talkers and like to be listened to as well. Some men find it hard to pay attention when women are talking. This however is a great skill which makes you a winner with the ladies. Women adore passionate men just like the way some of the best London paddington escorts love to hear about men their jobs and other experiences.

By being curious

If you really want to know what women want then your curiosity will guide you. As you will sooner or later find out, confidence in yourself plays a great role in making you attractive. Confidence enables you to approach a lady and take her out. Moreover it enables you to be able to hold good meaningful conversation on your date to keep her entertained. Confidence also makes you successful in other areas of your life making you an ideal dating partner.

Women are all different. The best way to find out what they like is by simply asking them. Everybody has their own activities which they enjoy. Some like swimming, others like dancing while music is greatly enjoyed by all. Ideally they want a partner who will share their hobbies and passion with them. Horse riding, skating, travelling and watching live games are other things that women enjoy. Picnics, hiking, walks in the park and romantic candlelit dinners are the more subtle types of enjoyment which allow partners to enjoy their date.

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By asking others

If you still feel you don’t know what women want, asking your male friends can help. Women love gifts of flowers, chocolates, jewellery and wine too. A gift makes the statement that you value your partner. A gift reminds your partner of her when you are not there. A gift is also a very good way of showing appreciation to your partner for being there for you.

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Walk The Moon Selected As Mtv Discover Great Music Artist! Watch Their Pizza Hut Discover Great Music Lounge Performance Highlights On Oct. 11!

Now at your library: Streaming movies, music

How do you discover great new music? Well, in this newfangled age called “The Internets,” finding ridiculously good bands to obsess over is REALLY easy. And we’re not the only ones whose top priority is discovering awesome new music: MTV has handpicked Cincinnati pop rockers Walk The Moon as their official Discover Great Music artist! And how will the band celebrate? By playing a live show in Texas’ music capital, Austin! (#duh) Watch Walk The Moon talk about how they discover great new music after the jump. That’s right, in just a few days the ” Anna Sun ” singers willbe performing at an exclusive Pizza Hut Music Lounge performance on Oct. 5. But wait, what’s that? You don’t live in Austin? No problem! We’ve got you covered: If you want to catch up on Walk The Moon’s Austin performance, all you have to do is check out Oct.


The content starts streaming, for free. While libraries are already loaning e-books, the move to streaming is part of a larger shift for them to remain relevant in a digital world where more people are using tablets and smartphones. ‘I expect libraries to stop needing DVDs, but not today, Hoopla or not.’ – Kirk Blankenship, Electronic Resources Librarian for Seattle Public Libraries Libraries are “meeting patrons where they want to access content,” said Kirk Blankenship, Electronic Resources Librarian for Seattle Public Libraries, which is using the service called Hoopla. The service, from Ohio-based Midwest Tape, LLC, is also being used in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Topeka, Kan., and several others towns and cities nationwide. Hoopla launched in full in May with 20 library systems. As of early September, there are about 220,000 people using the app, said Michael Manon, Hoopla’s brand manager. The goal is to reach 100 library systems by year’s end. Libraries have always been a source of audiovisual entertainment. A 2012 Pew Research Center survey found that among patrons 16 years old and older, 40 percent visited libraries to borrow movies. Another 16 percent borrowed music. In the Seattle area, DVDs and CDs of popular titles can have queues of hundreds of people waiting to check them out.

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Celebrity Week In Review: Miley’s Just Being Miley, More Khloe & Lamar Rumors And Emmys Galore

Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts spotted on the set of ‘While We’re Young’ in New York City, October 1. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 A newly blonde Ashley Greene attended the screening Of Xlrator Media’s ‘CBGB’ at ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles, Oct. 1. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Ashlee Simpson was seen leaving Vignette Lounge in Hollywood on Oct 1. Celebrity Photos: October 2013 Sarah Michelle Geller posed outside ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ in New York City, October 1. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Kimye stepped out for dinner in Paris Sept. 30, and Kim stunned in a tight leather skirt paired with a casual white top. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis arrived on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, Calif., on Sept. 29. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Liam Hemsworth was seen out and about in New York City on Sept. 28. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Reportedly pregnant Gwen Stefani stepped out in Studio City, California September 27 after dropping off her son Zuma at school . Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham arrive in London September 27, debunking all speculation that they have broken up.

Celebrity chef dabbles in Scotch

So, why not have a single-malt Scotch that bears a celebrity chefs name? That was the thinking when The Dalmore, a whiskey with roots going back to 1839, partnered with French-born, New York-based chef Daniel Boulud on this limited-release bottle (just 1,000 will be made available, sold through high-end wine and liquor stores as well as eventually through the chefs online store ). Even though he keeps busy running 14 restaurants around the globe, serving a $32 braised rib and foie gras burger, among other dishes, Boulud was actively involved in creating the spirit, working with Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson on selecting specific barrels to create the final blend, which includes whiskies aged up to 18 years. (But its a mistake to call the final product a blend since all the whisky in it originates from a single distillery.) I wanted a generous, full-bodied whisky, but with aromas of caramel and also some candied orange and toasted praline, says Boulud. Um, who says Frenchmen drink only Cognac? Key stat: Click to Play Daniel Boulud tries his hand at Scotch After months of working with the renowned distillers at The Dalmores, chef Daniel Boulud is offering a bespoke single malt based on the cuisine of his restaurants. Charles Passy joins the News Hub for Weekend Sip. (Photo: AP) The Dalmore (and the brand name always has The in front of it) has gained a reputation for offering some of the worlds most expensive and sought-after whiskies. A case in point: The recently released Richard Paterson Collection 12 bottles of whiskies that date as far back as 1926, packaged together for $1.4 million. That makes the $200 Boulud bottle a steal by comparison. Also see: 10 things celebrity chefs wont say What we think about it: Bouluds whiskey lives up to its heavy promise at least on the nose. We especially pick up those scents of caramel and candied orange. But its not as thick on the tongue: Theres a kind of clarity to the Scotchs sweetness like a dessert wine, but one thats smartly devoid of anything syrupy or cloying. The Dalmore spokesman Chris Watt says thats probably not by accident, since the Boulud Scotch comes from whiskies aged in barrels that were previously used with dessert wines (specifically, Muscatel, Madeira and port). In all, a solid, though pricey sip.

Timothy Leary’s Transformation From Scientist to Psychedelic Celebrity

Ike Turner and Tina Turner at a party in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1972. Dustin Hoffman and mother during “Kramer vs. Kramer” New York City Premiere, 1979. John Travolta and sister actress Ellen Travolta, 1979. Sarah Jessica Parker and Ray Bolger attend Bill Bogg’s Thanksgiving Party, 1979. John Ritter and Suzanne Somers Sighting at CBS TV City Taping, 1978. Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters at the Aspen Airport Lounge, 1977. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton at opening of the musical “Dancin’”, 1978. Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson attend First Annual Rock N Roll Sports Classic, 1978. “Charlie’s Angels,” 1977. Goldie Hawn and Art Simon at the Show Club, 1973.

18 Vintage Celebrity Photos That Will Make You Want To Party Like It’s 1979


Lannon spread out a series of black and white photos taken at Learys rented house in Cambridge. They show a young woman whos clearly tripping. In some photos shes laughing and dancing ecstatically, her hair flying. In a couple, a man is running his fingers through her hair and her face conveys that this is an intensely interesting experience. Like, whoa. In others, she looks far away, wary, maybe even a little afraid. Lannon showed me a bill for damages Leary received from his landlord in 1961. It goes on for pages. It includes a dining table marred by scratches that appear to be hammered with tines of fork. It lists broken doors, burnt lampshades, a rug defiled by a dog then rolled up and shoved in the pantry, and perhaps the most predictable of all: phonograph speaker completely blown out. Learys session reports of his own psychedelic experiences seem to change during the Harvard years. In the beginning his notes are detailed and neatly handwritten; some of them are typed. Later reports adhere less strictly to reality. In one, filled out in March 1963, just weeks before he got kicked out of Harvard, Leary prints in big block letters. He puts down a question mark for his age and lists his occupation as ANGEL. Shortly before getting the boot from Harvard, Leary set up a research foundation called the International Federation for Internal Freedom (or IFIF), which was a kind of early citizen science project in which groups of six to 10 people could apply for membership, take consciousness expanding drugs and report their findings back to Leary. At this point Leary is still appealing to science, Lannon said. In March of 1963, Leary wrote to Albert Hoffmann, the Swiss chemist of LSD asking him to send 100 grams (hundreds of thousands of doses) to further this endeavor in the name of science.

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Europe Stocks Rise With Emerging Currencies On China

China Market Offers the `Real Bargain

The euro is at eight-month highs against the dollar. It was given another boost Wednesday by news that Italy had averted the threat of snap elections , and the possibility that U.S. political gridlock may force the Federal Reserve to keep pumping money into the economy at full throttle. Draghi said he didn’t expect the U.S. to default — a risk if it doesn’t raise the limit on government borrowing later this month — and believes the government shutdown will be short-lived. “If it were to be protracted it would certainly be a risk for the U.S. and world recovery, so we have to have this present in our minds,” he said. Federal workers sound off on shutdown Draghi repeated previous guidance that interest rates would remain at current or lower levels for an extended period of time, but stressed there were other tools at the bank’s disposal, and none were off the table. Interbank lending rates remain higher than the ECB would like and lending to non-financial firms shrank further in August. Loans to households grew by 0.4%, but that rate has barely moved since the start of the year. Some economists now expect the ECB to launch a third long-term refinancing operation, or LTRO, before the end of the year to provide more cheap funds to eurozone banks.

mario draghi

The first face-to-face talks between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders failed to break the budget impasse as a partial U.S. government shutdown entered its third day. The hard-landing fear in China is fading, said Adrian Zuercher, a global strategist at Credit Suisse ( Hong Kong ) Ltd., part of the Swiss banks asset-management unit that oversees about $433 billion. The fear is that the U.S. economys performance will suffer with the government shutdown. Philippines Upgrade More than two stocks rose for each that fell on the Stoxx 600 index, following a 0.7 percent decline for the benchmark gauge yesterday. The euro strengthened 0.1 percent to an almost eight-month high, before a report that may show retail sales in the region increased in August from a month earlier. Equity indexes in Hong Kong and Taiwan climbed at least 0.9 percent. Japan s Topix Index (TPX) slipped 0.1 percent and the yen weakened 0.4 percent, while exchanges in China and South Korea were shut for holidays. The Chinese services index rose to 55.4 in September from 53.9 in August, the Beijing-based National Bureau of Statistics and Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said today. A number more than 50 indicates an expansion. The Philippine peso extended early gains after Moodys raised the nations rating by one level to Baa3, the lowest investment grade, and said the outlook is positive. The country won investment-grade credit scores from S&P and Fitch Ratings earlier this year.

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Disney Concert Hall Celebrates 10-year Anniversary, Inspired By Turkey Jerky

All across the country, hundreds of high schools from across the nation sent in their videos, excited for their chance at the prize. Theyre not the only ones who are feeling the excitement. GMA caught up with Perry at the iTunes Festival in London this week, and the singer was thrilled when she saw some of the contest submissions. The pop star was particularly struck by the diversity represented in the videos. Theres just so many different types of kids coming together to make these videos, and its inspiring to see people just having a great time smiling, being joyful, hopeful, not being kind of weighed down by the potential pitfalls of high school, Perry told GMA on Monday. Colo. High Schools Katy Perry Roar Lip Dub Video Goes Viral While she acknowledged that she didnt go to a whole lot of high school, she added: I imagine from what I went through it can be full of a lot of peer pressure, it can be full of a lot of bullying, it can be full of a lot of rejection and unacceptance, and it seems like through these videos people are being more accepting and just kind of strengthening themselves as a high school body. The high schools have embraced the challenge in different ways: One school did its own unique choreography. Another made its own roars. And one Colorado high schools lip dub went viral when it was posted online. Perry was inspired by the creativity displayed in the videos. Im so encouraged, because theres so much school spirit in these little videos, and everybodys coming together, it doesnt matter if you even like my music or not, youre coming together to roar and everybody has their own interpretation I think its a wonderful exercise, of school spirit and school strength, she said. Perry and GMA will pick the winning video and broadcast the concert live on GMA on Oct. 25 Perrys 29th birthday and the star already knows what shes going to do when she shares her big day with the winning high school.

Def Leppard Talks Cancer, Concert Film, New Music

The 51-year-old musician relied on his bandmates and the thrill of performing to help him through a diagnosis of Hodgkins lymphoma (he started treatment in April). The band hit the road this summer for a monthlong tour that wrapped in July. “We’ve actually been able to work through it,” said Campbell. “We did the shows in Europe while I was doing chemo … and mentally that was a big part of my recovery.” “I’m glad I had the opportunity to work through it instead of stay at home and feel sorry for myself,” he added. After more than 30 years together, Def Leppard isn’t slowing down for cancer or anything else. Fans can get a front-row seat to see the band at local cineplexes on Wednesday and again next week in “Def Leppard Viva! Hysteria Concert.” Filmed during a Las Vegas residency earlier this year, it shows the quintet doing something unprecedented: performing the 1987 mega-hit album, “Hysteria,” live from start to finish. “It was fun, actually, and a totally different way of doing it,” said guitarist Phil Collen. “It was a different dynamic doing the album in full, and it was much more theatrical.” Part of the theatrics came in the form of Ded Flatbird. Singer Joe Elliott suggested the band open for itself during its first-ever Vegas residency, but do it as a fake cover band. “We would actually go out and pretend to be Ded Flatbird, who were supposedly the greatest Def Leppard cover band in the world,” said Campbell. “Joe gave us all aliases. We became different characters, and as the shows progressed, we kind of developed those personalities a little bit more, and that was a fun part of the show…

Get Walt Disney Concert Hall News and alerts free to your inbox At Sept. 30s gala under a tent on Grand Avenue in downtown L.A., Dudamel said he was fed turkey jerky for the first time on a plane ride and it gave him ideas. This wonderful party for music is a good thing, he said, praising his orchestra and when there was a smattering of applause, added, But louder, please. Deborah Borda, prexy of the L.A. Phil, said: Gustavo had a crazy, amazing idea for tonight. We told him it couldnt be done and then we found a videographer, Netia Jones, who could do it. The concert included screens suspended from the ceiling, which showed the development of the hall from sketches to models to the finished building, all set to music played by the L.A. Phil. Interspersed were interviews from architect Frank Gehry as well as newspaper articles that criticized and praised the facility. The program ranged from music by Bach and Tchaikovsky to tunes from Disney films with solo perfs by cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Gehry himself came up to the podium and pretended to conduct but didnt speak to the audience, which included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Julie Andrews, John Williams, Albert Brooks, Sherry Lansing and William Friedkin, Michael Eisner, Alan Horn, Jane Fonda, Herbie Hancock, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Cheyenne Jackson, Chris ODonnell, Emmy Rossum, Jane Seymour and William Shatner. About $5 million was raised from the gala for the Phils education programs.

Analysis: Jackson case will change the tune for concert, artist insurance

In the future, the star or his promoter may be required to carry separate insurance on his entourage. “The biggest stars all have doctors and their own staff,” said Lorrie McNaught, senior vice president at Aon/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services Inc, a large entertainment insurance firm, which has handled many of the world’s biggest tours over the last 12 months. “If you have a security guard who winds up punching someone in the face or kills someone, who is responsible? “Is it the artist, the bodyguard, the promoter? I think promoters will require stars to indemnify their own staff,” said McNaught. “Even if AEG was not held responsible, I still think this case will make attorneys find ways to tighten contracts.” An attorney for Lloyds of London involved in the Michael Jackson case declined comment for this story. The price of premiums also may go up, according to one concert producer who did not want his name used. Currently, promoters pay 3 percent to 5 percent of the value of the policy, meaning that AEG paid between $530,000 and $875,000 for the $17.5 million policy it took out with Lloyds of London for Jackson’s “This is It” tour. AEG, which had initially sought to collect on the $17.5 million policy after Jackson’s death canceled the tour, dropped a claim against Lloyds amid revelations in leaked emails that show AEG executives were concerned about his stability ahead of his planned London comeback tour. Insurers routinely send doctors to do medical exams — and occasionally hire investigators for background checks– before placing multi-million dollar policies for the stars. After the Jackson trial, the reams of information they need will skyrocket, said Adam Steck, CEO of SPI Entertainment, who recently brokered a deal for an 18-show run by rocker Meatloaf at Planet Hollywood in Vegas, starting September 26. “We’re in a high risk business, said Steck.

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Canada Rolls Out A ‘$1 Billion’ Privatized Medical Marijuana Industry

But even as the new system privatizes distribution, critics fear regulation under the conservative-led government will make it harder for patients to get access to the drug. In Canada, medical marijuana has been legal but highly regulated for more than a decade. Patients with doctor approval could grow or have someone else grow small quantities or request limited amounts from Health Canada, the national healthcare department. But the conservative-led government voted earlier this year to effectively scrap that system in favor of a privatebut also strictly regulatedsystem, targeting the flow of legal marijuana into the black market and shedding Health Canadas role in marijuana production. Health Canada will phase out the current system, under which it sells registered users marijuana grown by Prairie Plant Systems , by the end of March. Instead, starting Tuesday, medical marijuana users, or aspiring users, can send in an application directly to sanctioned corporate producers , along with a doctors note (or in some cases, a nurses note). If approved, they can place an order, pay the market price (the black market price is about $10 a gram; officials say the medical marijuana price will drop below that within a year), and wait for the secure courier to deliver their weed. (MORE: Majority of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana ) There are nearly 40,000 people registered to use the drug under the current system in a country with a tenth the population of the U.S., and the government expects that number to balloonup to 450,000 by 2024and fuel what could become a $1.3 billion domestic pot industry. But the government expects that the privatized system, with only heavily-vetted producers (so far there are two licensed distributors, of at least 156 applications), will help ensure a higher level of oversight. Were fairly confident that well have a healthy commercial industry in time, Sophie Galarneau, a senior official with Health Canada, told the Canadian Press. Its a whole other ball game. The new regulations have failed to win over advocates for legalized marijuana, who have faced strong resistance from the conservative government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In November, even as two states in the United States voted to legalize recreational marijuana, the Harper government passed strict minimum penalties for people who grow as few as six marijuana plants. They treat pot like its plutonium, says Blair Longley, head of the single-issue Marijuana Party that fielded five candidates in the 2011 parliamentary elections.

CANADA STOCKS-TSX steady as U.S. shutdown hits energy, boosts gold

Australia will play France in Paris on Oct. 11 before meeting Canada. Cahill will equal Peter Wilsons record of 60 matches as Socceroos captain if he skippers the team against both France and Canada. Osieck says the Canada game will offer some new players a chance to shine. “If they do well, they have the opportunity to stay. And if they don’t do well, I will look for other people,” he said in an interview on the Football Federation Australia website. The Australians were thrashed 6-0 last month in Brazil in their last outing. “What we learned definitely is that we still have a long way to go” said Osieck. “We played a top-class opponent, probably one of the best teams in the world, on their home soil and at that stage our team was not ready.” Floro’s 21-man roster for the Australia game features seven MLS players including four from Toronto FC: defenders Ashtone Morgan and Doneil Henry and midfielders Kyle Bekker and Jonathan Osorio. Midfielder-forward Russell Teibert comes from the Vancouver Whitecaps. The Australia game falls in FIFA’s international match window Nov. 15-19.

Floro names Canada roster for Socceroos game against former manager Holger Osieck

government shutdown hit the energy and financial sectors, but boosted the bullion price and gold-mining stocks. A day after The Democratic-led U.S. Senate voted to kill Republicans’ latest attempts to modify an emergency government funding bill, hopes the debt crisis would be resolved soon began to dwindle. The uncertainty spurred a jump in gold, which is seen as a safe-haven asset, as investors placed bets on the commodity. Gold stocks gained as a result. “The market continues to say: ‘This is a temporary blip, don’t get too distracted by it, but drive on, ‘” said Robert McWhirter, president and portfolio manager at Selective Asset Management Inc. Investors will start to panic only if the shutdown extends beyond a few weeks, he added. The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX composite index closed down 8.44 points, or 0.07 percent, at 12,839. Five of the 10 main sectors on the index were in the red. The financial group fell 0.4 percent. Royal Bank of Canada , the country’s biggest lender, dropped 0.5 percent to C$66.35. Toronto Dominion Bank gave back 0.3 percent to C$92.04. Energy shares shed 0.8 percent, with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd falling 1.8 percent to C$32.23 and having the biggest negative influence on the market. Suncor Energy Inc lost almost 1 percent to C$36.81.

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Canada Needs A Comprehensive Review System For Child And Youth Deaths

BlackRock Canada Announces Certain Changes to XHY

Markets open in 5 hrs 23 mins Canada Needs a Comprehensive Review System for Child and Youth Deaths Press Release: Canadian Paediatric Society 4 hours ago Print Related Content OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Oct 3, 2013) – The Canadian Paediatric Society is calling for a formal, standardized child death review (CDR) system for every region in Canada. “Currently, only a few Canadian provinces or territories have formal child death review systems,” said Dr. Natalie Yanchar, co-author of the new statement and Chair of the CPS Injury Prevention Committee. “A standardized CDR would help us collect information around the circumstances of child and youth deaths so that we can better understand how and why children die.” Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in Canadian children and youth. Other major causes of death include sudden death in infancy, congenital and medical disorders, suicide, and homicide. Although many deaths are preventable, there are currently no national standards for child death investigations in Canada. “CDR is very well established in other countries, as well as some provinces in Canada, and there is now good data to show that the process actually works,” said Dr. Amy Ornstein, a co-author and paediatrician in Halifax. “Death review has provided valuable information around public health issues including safe sleep practices, suicide prevention, ATV safety, and others.” A CDR system would allow stakeholders from multiple disciplines and agencies to share information and learn from each other. Ideally, it would lead to policies that prevent deaths and improve the overall health and safety of children and youth. The CPS is calling for CDR that has: Broad representation including: a regional chief medical examiner or coroner; representatives from law enforcement, child protective services, local public health; a crown attorney; a paediatrician, family physician and/or other health care provider Structured processes for reporting trends Linkable databases to allow meaningful data collection A mechanism to report effectiveness of CDR follow-up and recommendations Designated financial support by all levels of government The October issue of Paediatrics & Child Health is focused on child and youth maltreatment. For highlights, contact . The Canadian Paediatric Society is a national professional association that promotes the health needs of children and youth. Founded in 1922, the CPS represents more than 3,000 paediatricians, paediatric subspecialists and other child health professionals across Canada.

tax rules exempting qualified interest income from U.S. withholding tax no longer affects XHY, as interest income arising from direct investments in U.S. fixed income securities is generally not subject to U.S. withholding taxes. About BlackRock BlackRock is a leader in investment management, risk management and advisory services for institutional and retail clients worldwide. At June 30, 2013, BlackRock’s AUM was US$3.857 trillion. BlackRock also offers risk management, advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of institutional investors through BlackRock Solutions. Headquartered in New York City, as of June 30, 2013, the firm has approximately 10,700 employees in 30 countries and a major presence in key global markets, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East and Africa. For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at . Investors can purchase and sell shares through any brokerage firm, financial advisor, or online broker, and hold the funds in any type of brokerage account. Please read the relevant prospectus before investing. The ETFs are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Tax, investment and all other decisions should be made, as appropriate, only with guidance from a qualified professional. 2013 BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited.

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Europe Stocks Drop On U.s. Fears; Italy Rises

Europe Stocks Rise as Investors Weigh U.S. Shutdown

Dynamo Kyiv EuroFootball/Getty Images For some teams, being fifth in the table might represent a fairly good start. Certainly, if the likes of Real Betis, Swansea City, Montpellier or Lazio were fifth, they’d likely be relatively happy. When you play for Dynamo Kyiv in the Ukraine Premier League, though, you might as well talk in the same tones as if you were in the relegation spots. Dynamo Kyiv havenever finished a season outside the top three, aside from last year, since the reformation of the Ukraine top flight in the early 1990s. Prior to that, it was a case of winning the league or finishing second. Usually, aclose second. Right now though, Dynamo are struggling to even remotely keep pace with the likes of Metalist Kharkiv and Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk at the top of the table, and they are currently 11 points off the top after 11 games. Their latest result, a 2-2 draw against VorsklaPoltava, was nearly a defeat, but thanks to a 90th-minute Lukman Haruna goal, Dynamo pulled off the equaliser. Kyiv have won one from their last four, and they are under pressure to quickly improve. 7. AC Milan Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images It really could have been worse for AC Milan, but they rose two places in our standings this week after taking four points from two games.

It does have an effect on our relationships around the world and it cuts straight to the obvious question: can you rely on the United States as a reliable partner to fulfill its commitments to its allies? Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said to reporters this week. It does cast a very significant pall over America’s credibility to our allies when this kind of thing happens. A loss of confidence in the US? While a long-term shutdown would impact the global economy and thus Europe, it doesn’t directly mar transatlantic policies, such as the trade agreement negotiations that are underway. But it is the expression of a deeper problem of failed checks and balances that will impact American ties with Europe, says Josef Braml, a transatlantic expert at the German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. If the superpower has no room to maneuver, it will have to shift burdens to foes and friends, he says, which will then create a wedge. “We already see it in security policy, Dr. Braml says, especially the waning US commitment to NATO and its focus on Asia. Europe and especially Germans have to think of how they take care of their own security . It’s not that Europe is a stranger to political crisis. Governments from Greece to Italy to Portugal have fallen since the start of the continent’s sovereign debt crisis. And as Europe has been clawing out of its recession, the US has pointed fingers at Brussels and Germany, which powers Europe, for focusing too much on austerity and not enough on growth. As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney singled out Spain in presidential debates, saying he didn’t want to go down the path to Spain. But now Europe is on the other side, looking at the US as a political system it would not want to emulate. The French daily Le Monde on Tuesday ran the headline : Jefferson, Wake Up. They Have Become Fools! “It is incomprehension, says Arun Kapil, a political science professor at the Catholic University of Paris.

Insight: As Ukraine looks west to Europe, Russia’s shadow looms

President Barack Obama and congressional leaders yesterday failed to break a budget impasse in their first face-to-face talks since the government began its first partial shutdown in 17 years on Oct. 1. The move has placed as many as 800,000 federal employees on unpaid leave, closed national parks, museums and Internal Revenue Service call centers. Shutdown Cost A partial shutdown lasting one week would probably shave 0.1 percentage point from economic growth, according to the median estimate of economists in a Bloomberg survey, with the costs accelerating if the closure persists. The standoff raises concern the budget dispute may affect talks to increase the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling this month. The Treasury has said measures to avoid exceeding the borrowing limit will be exhausted on Oct. 17. The U.S. wont have enough money to pay all of its bills at some point between Oct. 22 and Oct. 31 without action by Congress, according to the Congressional Budget Office . In China, the non-manufacturing purchasing managers index rose to 55.4 in September from 53.9 in August, the National Bureau of Statistics and Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said in Beijing.


Nearly all the partnership countries do the vast majority of their trade with Russia and rely on it for gas. Moscow is concerned about a flood of European goods entering the country if Kiev signs a free trade agreement with the EU. Trade is particularly sensitive: Russia was Ukraine’s biggest trading partner but not any longer. Now it is the EU, with 27 percent of Ukraine’s exports and 34 percent of its imports, and the volume growing by double digits annually. Russia is also wary of the EU’s broader agenda. Drawing in countries in the region could over time help Europe secure a degree of influence over vital gas and oil supply routes towards the West at the expense of Russia’s dominance. As a result, Putin has threatened to impose punitive tariffs and other restrictions on imports via Ukraine if it goes ahead with the EU agreement. “We would somehow have to stand by our market, introduce protectionist measures,” Putin said last month. “We are saying this openly in advance. As if to underline the message, Russia has taken steps against Lithuania, an EU member state that currently holds the union’s presidency, imposing extra customs checks on Lithuanian trucks and heavy losses for Lithuania’s large trucking industry. And in the back of the minds of all the partnership countries is the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia, when Moscow made very clear its power over a former republic.

The likelihood that the ECB will offer a new [long-term refinancing operation] or introduce other new instruments in the coming months has just gone down and a new LTRO no longer sounds like the favored instrument, said Frank land, senior economist at Danske Bank, in a note. In Italy, Prime Minister Enrico Letta won a Senate vote of confidence after a surprise move by Silvio Berlusconi to support the governing coalition. The vote was initially called after former Prime Minister Berlusconi over the weekend withdrew his support from the government and ordered five ministers representing his People of Freedom party to resign. In a Senate debate leading up to the vote, Berlusconi, however, reversed his position and said he would support Letta, after several allies in recent days expressed their dissent with the hard line on the government Bloomberg News ECB President Mario Draghi says the recovery remains weak. The FTSE MIB stock index /quotes/zigman/1482176 XX:FTSEMIB +0.40% rallied 0.7% to 18,098.44, while the yield on 10-year Italian government bonds /quotes/zigman/4869096/delayed IT:10YR_ITA +0.75% fell 10 basis points to 4.36%, according to electronic trading platform Tradeweb. Click to Play Watch BlackBerry, Monsanto John Shipman takes a look at which stocks traders are watching during market action, including BlackBerry, Monsanto, and Global Payments. Photo: Getty Images. It is positive for Italy that the government seems to be able to continue. It is even more positive for Italy if this means Berlusconis political career will come to an end. Berlusconi has been a risk factor in Italian politics for a long time. If this risk factor disappears, the Italian yield spread over Germany could move quite a bit lower. It would also be positive for the rest of the euro area and move us one step further away from the debt crisis, land said. In the U.S., the government shutdown moved into a second day as lawmakers still didnt agree on a budget for the fiscal year, which started on Tuesday.

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Fitch Downgrades United Kingdom To ‘aa+’; Outlook Stable

on Friday night, a ridge of high pressure will build into Ireland and most of the U.K. beginning on Saturday and continuing through Sunday. With some sunshine expected, temperatures throughout the region will rise into middle teens to near 20 degrees C (59-68 degrees F) during the day across Ireland, Wales and England, making the weather favorable for leaf peepers and most any other outdoor activities. The average high for early October in London is approximately 15-16 degrees C (60 degrees F) while Dublin’s average high is typically around 15 degrees C (59 degrees F). Even parts of Scotland are expected to see some breaks of sunshine this weekend, though low clouds are likely to remain most stubborn across the western and northern coasts. High pressure should remain across England, Wales and most of Ireland into the first part of the next week, while Scotland will see some breaks of sunshine along with an isolated shower chance. Trending In Weather 1 OCT 3 1841 The “October Gale” hit southern New England. It was the worst ever to hit Nantucket. The storm raised havoc with the Cape Cod fishing fleet with 40 ships being washed ashore on Cape Cod and 57 men were lost from the town of Truro, Massachusetts alone. The storm caused heavy snow inland, with 3 inches at Concord, Massachusetts and 18 inches at Middletown, Connecticut. 1917 San Francisco, California had their highest ever October temperature reading. The mercury hit 96 degrees. 1963 Hurricane Flora, one of the deadliest hurricanes on record in the Atlantic Basin, battered Haiti with sustained winds around 145 mph. The storm moved northwestward, meandered over western Cuba from the 4th to the 8th, and then finally accelerated northeastward out to sea.

Deutsche Bank To Begin Trading The db X-Trackers MSCI United Kingdom Hedged Equity Fund (NYSEArca:DBUK)

Britain kicks off Royal Mail sale with $5.3 billion price tag By Kylie MacLellan, Neil Maidment | September 28, 2013 12:18 AM Britains Royal Mail postal service should command a value of as much as 3.3 billion pounds ($5.3 billion) when it makes its stock market debut next month, the government said Friday as it began taking orders for the sell-off. EU investigating Gibraltar border dispute September 25, 2013 03:53 PM A team of European Union inspectors was in Gibraltar on Wednesday to investigate a border dispute that has strained relations between Britain and Spain. UK to provide $48M for Syrian refugee children September 24, 2013 02:19 PM Britain announced a $48 million initiative to provide trauma counseling and education for children affected by the war in Syria. Time for Iran statements to be matched with action: UK’s Hague September 23, 2013 11:13 PM British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday welcomed recent statements from Iran’s new government that it wants to improve relations with the West and ease concerns about its nuclear program but said words alone would not be enough. U.K.s Brown to make appeal for Syrian children September 24, 2013 12:35 AM Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to make an international appeal for $500 million to help Syrian children attend school in Lebanon, according to a new report. Tesco joins tablet computer market September 23, 2013 04:25 PM Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco unveils its first tablet computer, as the supermarket chain seeks to boost flagging sales in its domestic market. US singer Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” tops British singles chart By William James, Belinda Goldsmith | September 23, 2013 11:05 AM American R&B singer Jason Derulo notched up his third British number one single on Sunday with “Talk Dirty”, ending U.S. singer Katy Perry’s two-week run in the No. 1 slot, sales figures showed. British Labour leader under fire as conference kicks off September 22, 2013 02:00 PM Britain’s main opposition Labour party kicks off its annual conference with leader Ed Miliband under pressure amid sliding poll ratings 18 months before a general election. U.K. eases travel warning after threat of strikes dissipates September 19, 2013 12:20 AM The United Kingdom has relaxed its recently tightened travel advice to Lebanon and is now only advising against visiting some areas in the country, a statement from the embassy said Wednesday.

– Despite significant progress in reducing public sector net borrowing (PSNB from a peak of 11.2% of GDP (GBP159bn) in 2009-10, the budget deficit remains 7.4% of GDP (excluding the effect of the transfer of Royal Mail pensions) and is not expected to fall below 6% of GDP and GBP100bn until the end of the current parliament term. The slower pace of deficit reduction means that the next government will be required to implement substantial spending reductions (and/or tax increases) if public debt is to be stabilised and reduced over the medium term. The Stable Outlook on the UK’s sovereign ratings reflects the following factors. – Under Fitch’s baseline economic and fiscal scenario, which assumes a continued policy commitment to reducing the underlying budget deficit and medium-term annual growth potential of 2%-2.25%, government debt gradually falls as a share of national income in the latter half of the decade. – The long average maturity of public debt (15 years) – the longest of any high-grade sovereign -exclusively denominated in local currency and low interest service burden implies a higher level of debt tolerance than many high-grade peers. – The international reserve currency status of sterling and the ability and willingness of the Bank of England to intervene in the UK government debt market largely eliminates the risk of a self-fulfilling fiscal financing crisis. – The gradual improvement in the UK banking sector’s capital and liquidity position has further reduced contingent liabilities arising from this sector. The UK’s ‘AA+’ rating is underpinned by its high-income, diversified and flexible economy as well as a high degree of political and social stability. The monetary policy framework as well as sterling’s international reserve currency status afford the UK a high degree of financial and economic policy flexibility. Strong civil and policy institutions and a high degree of transparency enhance the predictability of the business and economic policy environment that compares favourably with peers in the ‘AA’ category. Weak economic performance and growth prospects, relatively high levels of private and foreign as well as public debt, along with sizeable twin fiscal and current account deficits, are weaknesses relative to rating peers. RATING SENSITIVITIES The Stable Outlook indicates a less than 50% chance of a change in the UK sovereign ratings over the next two years.

United Kingdom

The db X-trackers MSCI United Kingdom Hedged Equity Fund (the Fund) seeks investment results that correspond generally to the performance, before fees and expenses, of the MSCI United Kingdom US Dollar Hedged Index. Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses: 0.45 Principal Investment Strategies Have you ever wondered how billionaires continue to get RICHER, while the rest of the world is struggling? “I study billionaires for a living. To be more specific, I study how these investors generate such huge and consistent profits in the stock markets — year-in and year-out.” CLICK HERE to get your Free E-Book, The Little Black Book Of Billionaires Secrets The Underlying Index is designed to provide exposure to the United Kingdom equity markets, while at the same time mitigating exposure to fluctuations between the value of the U.S. dollar and British pound sterling. As of August 13, 2013, the MSCI United Kingdom US Dollar Hedged Index consisted of 107 securities with an average market capitalization of approximately $24.8 billion and a minimum market capitalization of approximately $1.8 billion. The Underlying Index hedges British pound sterling to the U.S. dollar by selling British pound sterling currency forwards at the one-month forward rate published by WM/Reuters. For U.S. investors, international equity investments include two components of return. The first is the return attributable to stock prices in the non-U.S. market or markets in which an investment is made.

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Mty Franchises Mucho Burrito In The United Kingdom

– Fitch now forecasts that general government gross debt (GGGD) will peak at 101% of GDP in 2015-16 (equivalent to 86% of GDP for public sector net debt, PSND) and will only gradually decline from 2017-18. This compares with Fitch’s previous projection for GGGD peaking at 97% and declining from 2016-17 and the ‘AAA’ median of around 50%. – Fitch previously commented that failure to stabilise debt below 100% of GDP and place it on a firm downward path towards 90% of GDP over the medium term would likely trigger a rating downgrade. Despite the UK’s strong fiscal financing flexibility underpinned by its own currency with reserve currency status and the long average maturity of public debt, the fiscal space to absorb further adverse economic and financial shocks is no longer consistent with a ‘AAA’ rating. – Higher than previously projected budget deficits and debt primarily reflects the weak growth performance of the UK economy in recent years, partly due to headwinds of private and public sector deleveraging and the eurozone crisis. Fitch has revised down its forecast economic growth in 2013 and 2014 to 0.8% and 1.8%, respectively, from 1.5% and 2.0% at the time of the last review of the UK’s sovereign ratings in September 2012. The UK economy is not expected to reach its 2007 level of real GDP until 2014, underscoring the weakness of the economic recovery. – Despite significant progress in reducing public sector net borrowing (PSNB from a peak of 11.2% of GDP (GBP159bn) in 2009-10, the budget deficit remains 7.4% of GDP (excluding the effect of the transfer of Royal Mail pensions) and is not expected to fall below 6% of GDP and GBP100bn until the end of the current parliament term. The slower pace of deficit reduction means that the next government will be required to implement substantial spending reductions (and/or tax increases) if public debt is to be stabilised and reduced over the medium term. The Stable Outlook on the UK’s sovereign ratings reflects the following factors. – Under Fitch’s baseline economic and fiscal scenario, which assumes a continued policy commitment to reducing the underlying budget deficit and medium-term annual growth potential of 2%-2.25%, government debt gradually falls as a share of national income in the latter half of the decade. – The long average maturity of public debt (15 years) – the longest of any high-grade sovereign -exclusively denominated in local currency and low interest service burden implies a higher level of debt tolerance than many high-grade peers.

Markets open in 5 hrs 24 mins MTY franchises Mucho Burrito in the United Kingdom Press Release: MTY FOOD GROUP INC. Mon, Sep 30, 2013 3:53 PM EDT 0.18 TSX Trading Symbol: “MTY” MONTREAL , Sept. 30, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ – MTY Food Group Inc. (“MTY” or the “Company”) ( MTY.TO ) announced today that it is making inroads into England and United Kingdom with its Mucho Burrito Mexican brand which is set to open its first restaurant later this year in Brighton England . The Montreal -based firm has signed an area master development agreement with a master franchisee to develop the brand in Kent & East & West Sussex England. “We’re incredibly excited about expanding the Mucho Burrito brand in the England & United Kingdom marketplace and continuing to feed the local appetite with our fresh gourmet spin on Mexican food,” said MTY Food Group’s chief development officer Sean Black . “We look forward to bringing our upscale offering to local guests and further positioning ourselves as the premier concept in the Mexican category.” The new master development Franchise has been licensed to W & W Burrito Development Ltd and operated by Hugh Wastnage & Martin Wylie . Described as “Mucho food with Mucho quality,” Mucho Burrito provides guests with an unmatched flavour experience by offering fresh and authentic Mexican food in a contemporary and casual setting. Featuring a “no rules” menu enhanced by the scent of spices and seasonings, roasted vegetables and charbroiled and braised meats, each meal is made to order in front of guests with authentic recipes and fresh ingredients made daily. Guests can choose from a variety of menu selections including hand-rolled burritos, tacos and quesadillas, as well as nacho plates, salads and a selection of custom “Johnny Mucho” sauces. Certain information in this News Release may constitute “forward-looking” information that involves known and unknown risks, uncertainties, future expectations and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company or industry results, to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. When used in this News Release, this information may include words such as “anticipate”, “estimate”, “may”, “will”, “expect”, “believe”, “plan” and other terminology. This information reflects current expectations regarding future events and operating performance and speaks only as of the date of this News Release. Except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update or revise forward-looking information to reflect new events or circumstances.

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